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Boosted rock buggy overkill

Hey guys I built this buggy overkill from ground up. I'm real unsure on tuning hopefully I can score some pointers. Mainly afr. Also I ran 80 lb injectors is this ok? I have the fitech 55 lb I can put back in. Rig specs are as follows.

Lq4 bored .30

9:8-1 compression

Forged internals

Ls6 cam and springs

Ultimate ls with g surge pump and inline msd.

80 lb injectors

80mm gt45 with dual 44mm waste gates

Greddy blow off



Tuning is not my strong point can someone give advise on afr at different kph? Also do I have too much injector?

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Best advice is to keep it rich and retarded, and low boost, until you get a handle on the characteristics of your engine.  Boosted setups can create havoc very quickly.  Everybody's build and tune will be different.  Too many variables that affect the tune.

Datalog is your friend!!!!!