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New guy with a Fitech 70051

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So I spoke with Fitech support on the phone and got some answers. Im still unsure about the alternator but I think Im good to run without the two wires from the original alternator plug, and simply run the "bat" wire from the new alternator to the battery and then on to the power distribution block. Im still slightly concerned that the correct voltage will be sent to my dash/gauge cluster but wont know until its all hooked up. Ill report back. As for the stock volts gauge on the dashboard, apparently this gets its information from the gauge cluster so in theory it will work, so long as the correct voltage goes to the cluster without the wires from the original alternator.

As for my other questions

  • They said not to tap the CTS wires to try to run the stock water temp gauge. Not because it necessarily wont work but because it might interfere with the signal to the Fitech ECU.
  • They said I dont need to hook up the VSS plug(or either auto trans control plugs obviously) and it wont interfere with deceleration fuel parameters as long as the yellow brake wire gets hooked up. It is my understanding that hooking up the yellow wire is still "optional" even without the VSS hooked up.


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