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Online Fitech Course

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I have some info on my 871 blown dual power adder system with the hyper fuel system when you are ready

I as well would love to see something like this. I have had my system three years now and still have problems fine tuning some things, especially ignition timing. I have pinging under low throttle heavy load, and can't get the timing tuned right. Would definitely pay the money for this.

yes getting mine tuned right was b e a r I ended up not using the fitech timing, I used a msd 6al a locked billet distributor, a msd 3 step retard I still half to crack the throttle to start hot or cold but other than that it now runs fine

Any action on this?  I too would be interested.  Billk

I have a C note burning a hole in my pocket just waiting to purchase your Tuning Course.

PM me when it ready.



Dave Harrloe

Would be interested think it's worth the $100 most definitely



I would love to know if this ever happened. Is this course available yet? If not, when is it expected to be?

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Mr Monte
Richard Reich

It is a very good idea and most of us I believe want to understand a bit more in order to troubleshoot and tune the system. Few video are available but they treat specific issues. Looking forward to it !

so where do I sign up??


Is there any update on this? Is it still happening or already up somewhere?

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