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30003 Go Street 400 stalls when reverse selected warm

Australian Ford 5.0 Windsor motor (1991) fitted to C4 - system has been on since 2017 and have had no faults until Jan this year. When at operating temperature and reverse is select the engine stalls straight away. Timing checked, no vacuum leaks, found that the IAC steps were varying outside parameters. Found MAP sensor seal scrunched up, and trimmed that as described. First start and whilst cold the vehicle could finally be put into reverse without stalling. Allowed the motor to getup to 170 and got the IAC steps back between 3-10 and then the engine stalls when put into reverse. There are no Fault Codes
Can get it to go into reverse by pulling back to neutral, then moving into reverse quickly.
I have attached a log (not sure what the dramatic change was at line 151) I would appreciate any guidance.  This log was obtained at the time that I was adjusting the IAC steps and the decrease from 200 to

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Would be helpful to get see a log when the issue occurs.  FYI, 3 lines of data per second, so keep the log short.

Thanks Austin,  I have tried to capture that, without success, it seems the controller cuts out.  I will keep trying it.  It is so frustrating.


This link   is taken from a period of idle with lines 1195 to 1201 showing the stall scenario.  I noted that Aphap N MAO shows the highest reading in the last few seconds.


I am hoping there is something in this to lead me to the problem

The only thing I see is a slight AFR lean on the last few lines.  Not enough to kill the engine.  Entire log look fairly good.