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38351 install on 1990 Corvette

Currently installing a 38351 on a 1990 Supercharged Corvette


Install going well but VSS connector (and the optional adaptor harness, both don't fit into the transmission (700R4). I can cut the connector off and splice into the original connector but need to know on the 38351 kit what the green and purple wire feed (what one is the VSS signal and what one is the ground?)

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Austin DeHaas

Line the connectors up and see which wires are in which terminals.  I believe both your purples are the same.  If so, purple to purple.

There were a few different VSS available.  Fitech chose the most common.  Sometimes you must cut the harness to get correct plug.



Thanks Austin

So for the factory corvette loom the purple is ground and yellow is signal

Fitech have confirmed that on their loom the purple is signal and green is ground

If you line the connectors up with the locking tab on the same side it would backup the above (purples are in different spots)