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400HP EFI - Vehicle won't start, fuel injectors not spraying

Hoping someone can help with this.  I've got an older 30003 400HP EFI with the first generation fuel command center.  The vehicle ran fine then after sitting for about 6 months would not start.  I can spray carb cleaner in the throttle body and the vehicle will start and run for a few seconds.

1978 Dodge 440, Edelbrock Performer intake, cam and valve springs, but otherwise stock

I checked the following:

  • Fuel pump - Not exactly sure of the pressure (the fuel command center pressure gauge never really worked), but I checked the volume of fuel coming into the throttle body and it seems plenty.  I also made sure the fuel command center was full of fuel by cranking the engine with fuel pump off.
  • Removed one side of the unit and checked the fuel inlet and injectors for any clogs.  Everything looks brand new.
  • Checked the voltage while the engine is cranking.  Voltage is 10+ volts or better.  Handheld unit does not blink.
  • Checked all 3 fuses and ensured that voltage is coming into the unit.
  • All wires look good.  Battery is fully charged and good.
  • Fuel was treated with stabilizer before vehicle was parked.  While not perfect, the fuel fires the engine if sprayed into the throttle body.
  • Fault codes 36 and 105 while cranking, but no codes are stored.

When ignition turned on, fuel pump comes on and primes the throttle body.  The best I can tell, is that the fuel injectors are not spraying.  The throttle body barrels are dry.

I've gone through numerous YouTube videos and tried everything, but it still won't fire.  Is there a way to force the injectors to fire or something I'm missing that would cause them not to fire?

Any ideas?

Thank you


The original fuel command center is known to be problematic.  That's why FITech redesigned the unit.  I recommend installing a quality fuel pressure gauge on the discharge side of the command center.  Fuel pressure should be 58 psi (others can confirm).  You can be moving fuel - in volume - but that doesn't mean the fuel pump will achieve the required pressure.

Good luck!!!

Werner Bartels