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cubic inch displacment setting

there has been allot of discustion on what people need to set the displacement at when using blowers and superchargers, because the supercharger does infact increase cubic inches for ex a 471 is 280 cubic inches, a 671 353, and a 871 is a big 448 cubic inches lol, thats 993 cubic inches, the blower in fact adds cubic inches as well as the stroker kit, so thats why i pose the question at some point the displacement setting becomes eventualy a guidline, i could in theroy set the displacement anywhere above or at 460 545 500, i believe and would think once you start stroking the crap out of a motor, you would need to set the fitech up with a parameter that works for the application, because you have blown "pun intended" all the hard data setting requirments, i currently have it set at 460 and it runs really well but is it right im stroker to 545 ?? something to have the techs look into

From the technical perspective, what happens when the CI setting is increased? Assuming it is the same engine, same air flow, same AFR, same RPM, if the CI setting is increased, what really happens?

1971 Mach 1 Mustang w/Ram Air, 408-4V stroked Cleveland, Hooker headers, FiTech EFI w/ RobBMC PowerSurge pump

something interesting happend now the motor rolls over like amonster truck enging romp ... romp ... romp...  till it starts to warm up then my idle was highesr by 500 rpm iac still at 0 i reset the idle and i havent drove it yet weather is shitty out right now but you can tell there is allot more power