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Dies at idle below operating temperature

427 SBC Dart Block, AFR heads, 671 Blower Dual Power adder.

Consistently dies while warming up!

Any thoughts, and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Perhaps you need to open the throttle blades at idle.  I had to do this on my big block as it would not reach "set idle".

Another idea - set idle AFR target (down/richer) and/or 1100 45kPa (off idle)

Idle AFR Target = Target AFR of fuel control when the engine is at Idle. Most engines will tolerate as rich as 12.7:1, and some will “like” 14:1.
1100 45kPa = AFR at 1100 RPM and 45kPa – this is typically just “off-idle” with very low throttle opening. Different cams will require different AFRs at this point. A stock cam will work fine at 14.5:1. A lumpy cam might like 13.3:1 or 14.5:1.

Werner Bartels