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External vs internal regulator

Hey guys,

Finally got my go-efi 600 running. Runs really good.  My fuel pressure doesn't seem to be as stable as I would like. Even after installing a Bosch regulator.

So, Im contemplating deadheading the throttle body and installing an external regulator.

Just curious for the people who have done this - does this work and preform better in this configuration instead of letting the FITECH regulate it?


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Austin DeHaas

Factory regulator is a Bosch.  I believe.  Never had an issue under 600 HP.

You can do an external.  Not sure why that would solve the issue......

Austin, I appreciate the reply.

I am aware, and already replaced the Bosch FPR. I know there are a few people here that ARE running a "dead headed" throttle body, and I'm curious if there is better fuel pressure management that way. Again, for the people that have done the conversion to this method.

I am also very interested in this.  I have gone through two Bosch regulators on a new FiTech with less than 500 miles on the car.  I am a certified installer.  Car runs great.  Has a slight periodic / random hesitation under constant throttle and then returns to normal.  Fuel pressure s/b 58 and is running about 90+ PSI.  Second regulator lasted about 80 miles before allowing pressure to jump up.  Thinking the hesitation is likely related to the fuel pressure issue.

Which regulator does the 30012 Go-EFI 1200hp Power Adder use? I thought it was 58psi, but not sure. I have a severe lean-to-pig-rich condition that will not tune out. I Have a brand-new unit, and I have never been able to go to WOT without a bad bog. When I launched the car off idle at the dragstrip, it would fall on its face, go 10;1 AFR, and start misfiring unless I lifted it.

Also, I cannot make a data log over 30 seconds long, or the handheld will freeze up every time until I unplug it. This unit seems to be faulty. I'm getting very discouraged and about to go back to a carburetor. I have spent $1600+ on this system and cannot even go to WOT. Someone, Please Help!