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froze up throttle body

I went for a test drive today and two things happened first I have the 1200 hp power adder dual system sitting on top of a 545ci 871 blown bbf I gave it half throttle twice and sheared my pinion teeth off,, and here is  my main concern the slave power adder throttle body primary bell crank is froze closed bell crank will open rear throttle plate about 3/8 of a inch and the front primary plates and stuck closed and wont move ??????????? I took it off and inspected it I don't see what is wrong

Definately contact Fitech.  They will take care of this...

i figured out what happen when you adjust you iac steps or warm idle it turn the idle screw out to far the primary plates WILL get stuck in the main body bore and when you step on the throttle you will pull the bell crank loose and loosen the nut ,, once I readjusted and re sinked up both of the 1200 hp power adder main bodies I went back through the iac step set up and set my isle at 1000 now it does float a little I float between 950 and 1100 but I see that as normal with a 871 supercharger I will say the 545 with that Hampton blower loves the fitech it don't miss a beet stumble hesitate nothing you step on it and wwooooooom  gone hang the hell on but fyi be very carful adjusting the iac steps and be sure not to back out that screw too much

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What did you do to unstick the throttle plates, mine are stuck too.