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I have no prime shot and no injectors are working. I pore a little fuel in it and it starts for a few seconds. I have fuel pressure at the throttle body. I had a little body work done drove it home and now it won't start.

I brought it home from the body shop 3 weeks ago. I was having battery trouble and put in a fresh battery. I have fuel pressure to the throttle body but I don't have a prime shot or anything from the injectors. I pour a little fuel in it and it starts up. I put the large gauges on rpm ,map,Tps,and inj% and only read the map sensor. Did my ecu go out or what?

By the looks of it, yes your ECU is NFG. But check the voltage on the white wire to make sure you are getting more than 9 volts when you turn the key on as  the ECU wont turn on until it has 9+ volts on the white wire.

Contact Fitech directly.  Tech line.  You may have a faulty ECU.  They will likely want you to send in for testing and repair.