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Injector plugs?

I recently had the misfortune of having a mild fire start from a fuel leak.. main issue I'm facing is the wiring and the plugs to the injectors is toasted and they don't seem to be an OE plug that I can find.  Does anybody happen to know what plugs they are?

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Austin DeHaas

I would say this is a question for FiTech.  Injectors likely differ depending on the HP capability of the unit you have.

Werner Bartels

If Throttle body unit an new ECU is required.  I believe they are $272 plus install, unless you want to swap yourself.  Not hard.

If a port system, Fitech has harnesses and sub harness replacements.

It is a throttle body unit, forgot to mention. Hence the difficulty in finding the 90 degree injector plugs they used on those.  Guess I'll have to wait till I get on the phone with them but replacing a whole almost 300 dollar ecu for 2 plugs and a wire seems a bit extra.. haha we'll see. I was just hoping someone that saw this might have a lead for me for 3rd party.