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knock + 4l80e shift problems

Hi guys,

I'm running an Ultimate LS 70050 with trans control and have two problems which no EFI tuner seems to be able to help me with

There's a distinct knock sound from the engine on my custom built LS1 from Hot Rod Company. It was set up using the wizard, but now I clearly hear the knock sound. It has knock sensors, does it have to be controlling detonation electronically or do I have to adjust the timing in the config?

Another one is gear shifting. The gearbox is 4L80e. It seems to be shifting based on the vehicle speed only and it only shifts 1-2 when it reaches something like 20mph, 2-3 on 45mph and so on. All my efforts to adjust the way it shifts through the handheld fail. No matter what I put in there the shifting doesn't change. And the shifting is quite rough, gives a strong kick every time it shifts. I'd like it to behave much smoother as I build a truck not a racecar.

Need advice please!