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Meth injection

I'm working on installing alky control meth injection with a go Port system. I've spoken with tech in the past and they suggested using the nitrous activation set the AFR Target and main fuel reduction on meth injection. Has anyone even attempted to do anything like this? My basic understanding is (and this is my first attempt at meth injection), you need to remove main fueling because you were basically adding a ninth nozzle pumping methanol into the motor so you need to reduce say 10 to 20% of your main fueling. So apparently there's a way within the nitrous tuning to accomplish this but I haven't quite figured it out. If anybody has any information or would like to chime in I'd be most appreciative. In the process of finishing up the motor now. Running 100% meth injection no water meth mix. 363 with a Vortech ysi in a Foxbody not that it really makes difference 🙂





The forum founder, Austin, is the forum's primary subject matter expert.  The rest of us are learning as you are.  Austin is pursuing other business opportunities that is likely commanding his time as I don't see him on-the-forum much.  You'll likely have to pursue, getting your answer, with FITECH.

Austin - feel free to weigh in/contradict me as needed.

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Werner Bartels

Yes, my apologies for not commenting much.  I have been working on some other Fitech relate projects and of course everyday Life.  It gets in the way sometimes.   I do monitor and many have been doing a great job assisting other users.

As for meth injection.  I have no experience with it.  I can't say if someone couldn't make it work.  The units have a lot of hidden ability.

http://I don’t see why it couldn’t be used with the no’s controller stuff. After all it is kinda like it spray it in and bam it hits like a small shot of the juice

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