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mild built turbo gen 1 chevy small block 350

I am planning on building a small block with a turbo on E85 this summer, i figured the Fitech was the easiest way, but i have never played with any sort of computer system on a car before, or anything with a turbo. Any tips for someone thats just starting to get into this stuff? I plan on buying the 1200hp power adder system and a holly 80 GPH in line fuel pump. I'd like to keep this motor at around 500 or 600 hp before i do a fully built motor just to get use to it, but of course id like to keep it running as long as possible if i can tune it right haha. And if anyone has ran into any problems on a turbo gen 1 chevy small block could you let me know the issues you had and how you fixed them? thanks!

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Your build is your build.  I would start slow and build up to what you want.  There is a lot to learn.

Start with a power adder 600 unit.  This will be adequate for your mild build.  Run an in-tank 340 lph pump.  These are good to around 600hp.  I never recommend inline pumps.  They are not a good choice for long term reliability.

With this setup.  You can start with your naturally aspirated motor 350-400 up.  Get use to the system.  When you are comfortable, then tune to e85.  Your pump and unit will be able to keep up.  This is my setup on my daily driver.

If you decide to step up to a little boost, I would go back to unleaded and learn your tune again.  By that time you will need to change a bunch of things to the rest of the vehicle....

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Thank you i really appreciate the help, i didn't know the in line pumps weren't good for reliability. It probably would be a good idea for me to learn how to tune it NA first, so i think ill start off with that as you said, but id like to get the 1200hp system first and a good fuel pump so that i dont have to buy a new FItech and fuel pump in the future, unless the tuning is a lot different?

I wasn't thinking clearly.  You can use the 1200 unit as long as you are over 250hp naturally aspirated. Probably not a problem.  As for the fuel pump, I would look at the Hy-fuel dual pump kit 40020.  For your NA setup you would disconnect one pump.  This way you aren't buying things twice.   And the internal regulator would work in the beginning.  The internal Fitech regulators are only rated to 340lph, which is good for 600hp.  Anything bigger, you will need to run an external regulator

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I should be well over 450 maby 500 naturally aspirated, and I actually didnt know it had an internal regulator, so i already had one laying around for when i got ready to do this. But thank you soo much for the help, i will probably get that fuel pump as well.


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