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No Spark on new install.

Hey there folks, I'm new here and I hope someone can lend me a hand.  I'm trying to get a 600HP Fi tech to work on a 400 small block in my 84 monte Carlo I want to use the spark control feature as well.  This is my set up.

MSD Pro-Billet Locked-Out Distributor 85501
MSD Blaster 2 Ignition Coil 8202
MSD Digital 6AL Ignition Controller 6425
When I hook up the black wire from the 6 pin connector I don't get any spark.  I'm hooking this wire up to the white wire on the MSD box and then running the green/purple plug from my throttle body to the distributor connector.  I get no spark and I don't see RPM on the Fi Tech controller.  To check that I don't have any bum parts I swapped it over to not timing control, so blue wire to the (grey) tach wire on the MSD box and plugging the MSD box into the 2 wire distributor plug and then I do get spark...and an unhappy engine because its got a locked timing.
I'm not positive but I THINK that I might have a distributor that is not correct, since the Fi Tech can't "see" it.  Said unit is a mag trigger and locked from MSD so I thought I was golden.  I have run the engine (with a carb) on a dyno with this distributor and it worked then.  I have made sure that the computer was on the right (Tach/2wire) setting each time I have done this.
Any help would be appreciated I'm very much at my wits end here.
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