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pro-cal software and updates

I have an older (like 7 or 8 years) 30002 unit.  I would like to use the pro-cal software and the K-line driver.  I am going to use a tablet running windows 10 to do this.    I've seen the video on how to do it put out by FITech, but i don't know where to get the software.  I found it on the Toronto Trans Ams Forum.  Anyone know if that's the software I need?

Also, do I need to update the software for my ECU if it's running well?  I keep reading about software updates, I've never updated, seems like mine is fine the way it is.  Don't know if it will be compatible with the Pro-Cal software, though, since it's such an old version of the ECU software.

If I do need to update that software, where would I find the appropriate software for that update?

I'd just leave the whole thing alone, but I'm finally hooking up the timing control, so I'm going to need the ability to tune and datalog now.



anwat sadat

For future reference, you can get the software and updates from FiTech themselves.  You just need to contact them and ask for it...they actually were very helpful and not to hard to reach.

anwat sadat