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ProCal driver issue

Not sure if this is the right section, but seemed like the closest.  Here's my issue, I've had my unit installed for years, and have been using the procal software for at least a year.  Suddenly, I'm getting a message that the connection is lost, and it says, "reconnecting..."but it never does.  In checking the port it's attached to, the laptop tells me there is a driver error.  I've tried reinstalling the K-line adapter driver, it says its installed correctly and is the latest version.  The handheld enters k-line mode, but the signal isn't getting into the ProCal software.  Funny thing is, when I first open the software, it already displays the connection lost, reconnecting message.

Any suggestions, advice, comments would be appreciated.  I'm not much of a computer guy, so try to keep it dumb as possible.


anwat sadat

In reading the other posts with this issue, when I open the ProCal, it is not greyed out.  I have disabled the defender, but didn't do it recently.  Don't think it should matter, since the driver has already been dowloaded.  Again, I had the software working for a would seem the driver has been corrupted or something, but when I try to change it out, I'm told it's the most current one.  Seems to be a somewhat common issue, just looking for the hopefully easy fix.

anwat sadat

Well, persistance pays off.  I have the driver working now, the laptop and ECU are communicating.  Still can't get the dash up, though, I'm getting this message over and over again, I can't get it to stop, "AC error 206"  Anyone know what that means?

anwat sadat