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Procal wont connect

Hi guys ive read about how to install of the procal software and the k-line on windows 8.1 wich i did and succesfully worked. But when i go to the car and connect the handled to the fitech unit and then turn the key on it never connect to procall even as admin... im.using a usb cable xbox 1 controller but i dont think would be he probleme since when  i program or diagnostic a car at the shop i use normal cable.


Any idea...

For anybody who face my probleme also... i installed on another laptop with windows 7 and it worked. Windows 8.1 even with the driver for k-line succesfully installed didng work out. Why? Dont know!


Hope it help someone

it might...I'm having a similar problem with windows 10...only thing is it used to work on this computer.  I'm going to go try it on a older laptop...

anwat sadat