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Rear 4 spark plugs gas soaked

Im having a issue after 4 years of running great. Ive got the 2x4 1200 with power adder on a 671 468 cubic inch, i installed this system almost 4 years ago. The other day i took her out for a spin, she was running great and all of a sudden it started breaking up terribly i limped her home and pulled plugs the rear 4 plugs are gas soaked and fouled. Cleaned them up and started it and still missing. No codes are being detected. Any ideas?

Raymond w Marion

o2s may be bad I have the power adder on a blown 545 and mine did that I ordered one off of ebay for a jetta and I have been running great if you still need info let me know and I can get you the pn I used it has 4 feet of wire unlike the fitech supplied one being so short