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throttle pressure

was you able to ask at sema about adjusting the throttle spring pressure especially for the dual power adder set up

That is a subject that you will probably never get Fitech to advise or comment on.  Too much liability for safety and warranty.  They may make a design change to newer units, but that won't help you.  My advice is to use the big hole with a very stiff or metal bushing.  This is how I got the right throttle feel.  Now with a dual unit I understand that there is twice the spring.  You might, at your own risk, try modifying or unwinding one or both the return springs.

I hope you understand the C.Y.A. in this situation.

I know this post is old but, on the blowers you can not take both main springs loose, I tried this and the blower will surge due to not enough spring pressure on the throttle blades. what I did was take one main spring loose and leave the other hooked up, much better but I also run a custom length pedal assembly to help.

i am running two throttle bodies in line i am using the large hole and a quality linkage set up from the blower shop and i am using a lokar throttle cable to the stock pedal and it is hard to press it moves smoothly i will try to unhook one of the springs and see how that is

Be careful of that, the main spring became weak enough that I had a surging and high idle issue, ended up hooking the other spring back up.

I am only going to do 1 spring or try and see if I can unwind it 1 turn