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Tip-in with dual quads atop blower

Hey all. Been scouring the forum to no avail. Car starts, idles, and cruises well. But go to get into the throttle and it stumbles hard before catching up. MSD controls the distributor timing. MAP and vacuum readings show vacuum turning to boost under a load. So not sure it’s any of the port/seal tips I’ve seen. Have been playing with the Accel pump numbers and that’s gone back and forth. Unfortunately can’t enter more than “99.” Appreciate any insight!

A datalog would help.

Gonna have to figure out how to log that and upload it from the programmer

I've uploaded the last file from a road test I just performed. During cruise when you go to accelerate it stumbles, almost like a backfire but pulls through. Disclaimer it is getting better and I am pushing to drive it further as weather allows.

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Quick look at logs.  Keep driving.  See if it learns out.

Thank you. That is what I told my boss and it did seem to improve yesterday.