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Ultimate TPI 358351 no spark from distributor (solved)

Can someone help me with this topic. I have a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1988 with 350 tpi and right now i have spark from coil but i don't get spark to plugs :/ do i need the stock electric spark control module? Distributor, plugs, wires and coil are all new. But even the old ones doesn't work.

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Austin DeHaas

The Fitech harness plugs into the factory small cap hei module on the distributor.

Yes i plugged the harness in to the distributor but it still doesn't give spark from there :/


Let me make sure I understand.  When the engine is cranking the coil fires, but doesn't go to the plug?


Yes the coil fires while cranking but it doesn't go through distributor. I saw that someone else had similar problem half a year ago but nobody responded beyond that

Problem solved. The white wire to the coil was connected to the tach wire from the ultimate tpi wiring harness and caused it to ground the spark when connected to distributor, i unplugged it and got it running right away.