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Won't shut off

I have the FiTech Ultimate TPI kit and this system runs a lot better than the factory ecu. My problem is that it won't shut off with the key like the factory ecu did. I have the FiTech "key on" wire spliced into the large pink wire going to my external HEI coil. I have checked my ignition switch and taken voltage readings on the pink wire and I get zero volts when the key is off....except if it is running and I shut the key off the engine stays running and the running voltage at the pink wire is still there.

I know this isn't a FiTech issue but I was hoping to lean on the knowledge of the group because I am stumped. Any help would be appreciated. I am working on a 1989 GMC S15 Jimmy with a 1991 L98 TPI. Thank you.

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Austin DeHaas
1989 S-15 Jimmy 383 TPI 5speed 4X4

Move the key wire to another circuit.  Coil power is not a good place.

Do you have a suggestion as to a good cranking voltage wire? I was following the suggested hookup in the FiTech instructions although I understand that my truck is 34 years old. It is now updated and heavily modded and I have been teaching myself a lot. I am really trying to avoid a toggle switched wire.

1989 S-15 Jimmy 383 TPI 5speed 4X4

Would you have a suggestion of a good cranking voltage wire I could use?

1989 S-15 Jimmy 383 TPI 5speed 4X4

Where do you have your alternator switched wire hooked up?

Usually why an engine will keep running.  That wire feeds back and keeps everything energized.  Unplug your alternator and it will likely shut off.

I tried pulling the two wire plug (brown and pink/black wires) from the alternator after I turned off the key and it kept running. After my research I was sure that would be it and I was bummed when it kept running. The brown wire goes back to my voltage gauge.

1989 S-15 Jimmy 383 TPI 5speed 4X4