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Online Fitech Course

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Want your opinion.

Working on filming an in depth course for installing and tuning the Fitech systems.  I want to go over wiring, fuel systems, ignition systems, setup, etc.  Also will include some information on AFR and ignition timing or just general engine tuning.  A few have asked for something like this and I believe it will be very helpful to new users and novice tuners.

I am still working on all the details and will be adjusting as I film.  I do plan on selling this course in the $100 range.  As extensive as this will be there will be more than enough value.  It should save most users more than a $100 wasted on useless parts or unnecessary labor.

After the first series is completed, I have 2 other video series planned that will delve into advanced tuning, nitrous, boost, etc.  On these I plan to bring in some respected builders and tuners to help.

Please give me your feedback, comments, opinions......

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All for it. It would make life with the FiTech so much easier.

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BobAustin DeHaas

Great idea & welcome back.   Really interested to understand Fitech air/fuel tables as they relate to cam selection 1-4.

Also, I'm apprehensive to use my nitrous as I'd like to find a way to validate the solenoids are opening when told to.   I've thought about bypassing the solenoids with 12v lights to ensure all is working before I hit the nitrous.  Am I overly cautious?

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BobAustin DeHaas
Werner Bartels

Love the video series idea.  As I am just diving into trying to get my new setup to work I would be most interested in initial setup and turning after that.  My thought is that most folks hitting forums and the web for information have the basic install done and are looking to figure out why it won't run right.

Perhaps breaking the series into the user journey people go through would bring more value to people and maximize the interest. (build parts and tips, initial setup, advanced setup, timing applications, trouble shooting, wild setups)  That sort of thing.

Best wishes on your endeavor.   Contact me when complete.. I am game. (the frustration I have now is costing me a $100 in headaches) 🙂

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I would be interested in something like this as well. A comprehensive video showing how to install and set up would save a lot of problems. Your list of topics sounds great.

I found the FiTech manuals a bit confusing in a few areas including the timing control install and set up. A video would sort that out.


Works for me; would like to witness the proper setup for this awesome tech!

Would love to get my hands on it, Thank you.

this would be awesome im having alot of problem getting everything set up on standalone ls system

Excellent idea, and a good value. I agree with all the above suggestions as well. I have the Ultimate LS complete kit up and running, with issues. Thank you, Mike.

a bit of info on the o2s ,, mine failed after about 10 hrs and I researched the o2s and found a BMW/Jetta 17014 its $27.53 and has a 4 foot wire that makes it super easy to change out on the road if needed and its the same as the Delco except it has the longer wire and my dual super charged power adder system works really well with it...

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