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Power Adder 600 Drivability Issues

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  • My setup:
  •                 69 Mustang
  •                 428CJ – stroked to 462CI
  •                 Crower solid lifter cam:
  •                    Type        RPM                   Duration           Duration @ .050     Lift @ .050        Gross Lift     LSA  Centerline  Lash
  •                     Solid   2500-6000     278      284 247     255              .350   .357 .616  .628 108  104               .020
  •                9.8 to 1 compression
  •                 Edelbrock cylinder heads
  •                 Blue Thunder Dual Plane Intake
  •                 Hooker headers

 I’ve had this system for about 2 years.  Ran fine for the 1st year or so.  This year I’m experiencing several drivability issues:

    Dirty idle – starts and idles fine.  When I rev the engine in neutral seems to sputter/miss until I get RPMs up - then cleans up.

    Drivability – full throttle performance is strong but when I back off the throttle – the car won’t pick-up when I let off the accelerator.   Almost acts like it wants to die.  If I feather the throttle a bit – engine will eventually pick back up to cruise – takes up to 10 seconds.

     Poor gas mileage – was getting well over 15 MPG.  Now I’m at 6-8 MPG.

 Only change in 2018 was from Mallory Unilite distributor (w/Petronix II) to a MSD Pro Billet Distr. so I could utilize timing control.

 I’m thinking bad O2 sensor.  Thoughts?

Werner Bartels

Datalog during issues.

Hey does anyone know how to do data logging ? I have tried 3 times and don't read any data. And here is how I did it I started the car went to Dashboard pushed the button in and it said data logging on. Then drove for about an hour when I was done I pushed the button and it said data logging off. Toke the controller in and plugged it in to computer open USB Mass Storage. Clicked on log file . Then clicked on Dashboard and it said this folder is empty. Do I need to open an Excel account to view the data or some other software ?

If the unit is not logging, you may need a software update.  Contact Fitech.

Fyi.  Logging for an hour is way to much.  I generally log for 30 seconds.  Fitech samples 3 times a second.  Each sample is a row on Excel.  1 hour would be 10,800 rows.

Thanks for the info. I did get it to log But clicked on the idle log and it logged idle and  logged driving at wide open throttle it was pretty net to see how the AFR changed from 900 RPM up to 5900 RPM under boost. And no black smoke like when I was running carbs. But it still says Dashboard file is empty. I am still tweaking with different settings on cold starts but it's getting better. But so far I love the fitech.

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One of my units would log, but not save the file.  Fitech gave me an update and problem solved.

Thanks Austin I will call fitech and see if that is the problem.

I called Cody at fitech he sent me the updated software I can now read everything  on the dashboard even fuel pressure .the ecu has to learn all over again good thing  I kept a log on all my changes I made.  You were right thanks.

Did you say that right? Fuel Pressure????

Yes I can read the fuel pressure at any RPM with the new software on the dashboard .

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